will buy ANY car 2004 and NEWER from you!

We buy cars. All makes and models, old cars, and new cars, anything after 1998 and above.  If you are wondering “who will by MY car Los Angeles.” Take a look at the models we buy, including ANY car brand like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Acura, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, Lincoln, etc. We specialize in newer models and we always pay the best value for your car, instantly, and on the spot. .  We buy all sedans, sports cars, trucks, SUVs, min-vans, and anything else in between. Even if your car has been involved in an accident or needs repair (both mechanical and cosmetic) we will still buy it! We do sell cars for cash Los Angeles.


Our cash for cars Los Angeles trade-in process is simple, fast, and you get paid right away!

Asking yourself, “how to sell my car Los Angeles”? Contact us for a free quote over the phone today!

To the right are some of the most recent cars we’ve purchased.

Lease Returns

Leased vehicles can be returned to us! No matter what the condition!

Many people who lease their vehicles may not fully understand the fees they can be penalized with when returning their vehicle to the dealership. These fees can include:

  1.  Cosmetic or mechanical damage (engine, suspension, brakes, transmission, dings, dents, scrapes, scratches)
  2. Interior damage (ripped or torn seats, stains, cigarette burns, electronic malfunctions)
  3. Going over on the allowed mileage limit (each mile is charged!)
  4. Not having the factory spec tires and tread life
  5. Any modifications made to the exterior, interior, engine or suspension components
  6.  Scratches, scuff-marks, or curb rash on the factory wheels
  7. Returning your lease vehicle early

These fees can quickly add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars that must be paid by you to just RETURN the car to the dealership. is your best alternative to returning your lease. We will buy out the lease and save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in fees! The process is quick and easy to start! Call us or submit your easy app now!

Cars With Loans can also purchase cars with loans!

This includes both title loans and bank loans!

You can finally get rid of the high monthly payment on your car. will pay you the fair and current market value. If you owe MORE than what your car is valued at, we can simply pay us the difference and your loan will be paid off immediately. If your car is valued higher than what you owe, we can pay you out the difference right there on the spot.

This is a GREAT opportunity for anyone that purchased a car with bad credit or took out a title loan against their car. It’s time to get away from that high-interest, high payment loan and let us take the stress off your shoulders. Call us today or submit an easy app to get started!

Cars With NO Loans

Do you own your car free and clear and have the title (pink slip) in hand? wants to buy your car! In any condition, any car brand, any car type!

We provide the BEST alternative to anyone looking to sell their paid-off car!

Selling your car yourself requires patience, time, and some luck. You’ll have to advertise the sale, repair any cosmetic or mechanical damage, take pictures, clean it, field phone calls, meet with strangers, go through a mechanical inspection, and negotiate on the price. Then, you still have to deal with the DMV and risk the possibility of messing up any paperwork. All of this can be a risky and uncomfortable process, not to mention time-consuming as well. is here to simplify this whole process. We will provide you with the fair and current market value of your car and make an honest offer in writing within 30 minutes. Fast, easy, and INSTANT money for your car. Call us today or submit an easy app now to get the process started!

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