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I'm sooo glad I found this company. I recently had a baby and I needed to sell my car for a decent price. I had 2 options, either sell it on my own and deal with scams and low-ballers OR sell it to a company like CARMAX or something similar. I found http://instantautotrade.… through YELP and was impressed with how easy it was to set up an appointment and bring my car down. I met with Mike & Armin, they took me through the whole process, inspected my car, and made me an offer right away. The service at this place is really good. They made me feel comfortable and the whole process took less than 1 hour. Call them if you need to sell your car!

June 27th, 2012

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James L.
avatarSo glad we found Mike and Danny!! You guys ROCK!!!  We first tried to sell our Acura TSX car on craigslist and some other sites and got nowhere fast. We needed to sell our vehicle before we went to Europe so time was not our friend.  We got calls and emails and about most of them were scams only a couple of people really interested but then never call back . It all ended up being such a waste of time and effort and we needed to sell this car.....like yesterday! My husband finally found  about http://Instantautotrad on craigslist . He talked to Mike on the phone and guaranteed he could buy our car for a fair price. We were able to bring in our Acura TSX right away for an inspection and we were so happy at how fast easy it was!  I met with both Mike and Danny who looked over the car and made us a good offer.  We gladly accepted and were given a check right away.  All the necessary paperwork was completed right there and we finally got the car sold. We also had a few cameras for sale and Danny bought one of them...every little bit helps when your on a budget! He also has a friend that checked out a watch we wanted to sell, gave use the 411 on it...Danny knows a lot of people. Oh and steered us in the direction of some fine food....."City Best Chicken" I do have to say you will not find nicer car dealers any place. Thank you Danny and Mike!!! PS: It was great talking to you both about traveling...if your in Europe in the next year look us up, well save a place in the RV for you!

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Cassandra C.
avatarUghh I never knew selling a car can be so hard!!!  My mom had a 2005 Lexus SUV that needed to be sold.  I first tried to sell this car on craigslist and got nowhere.  I got lots of calls and emails and about half of them were scams.  The other half were people that basically wanted my mom's car for free.  It all ended up being such a waste of time and effort.  I could've been catching up on my the real housewives of oc -.-  thank goodness my friend told me about http://Instantautotrad... and I called and spoke with Armin.  I was able to bring in my mom's car right away for an inspection and I was so surprised at how easy it was!  I met with both Mike and Armin who looked over the car and made me an offer.  I gladly accepted and was given a check right away.  all the necessary paperwork was completed right there and we finally got the car sold.  Thank you Mike and Armin!!!

Jessica Yi
avatarI had a 2002 GMC Sonoma with about 150k miles.  It was my beater since I recently just bought a new Jeep.  I wanted to sell the truck but I didn't want to put it on Craigslist.  i didn't want to deal with the strangers and the many scammers so I decided to do some research.  My options were to take it to CarMax or a new car dealership.  I found InstantAutoTrade.com through Facebook and I called and talked to Mike.  The process was very easy and very fast.  I drove my truck down to their office and got it inspected and appraised and was happy with their offer.  1)  It was more than what Carmax quoted 2)  The whole process took less than 2 hours and I got a check right away for my truck.  I even got a ride back to my work.  Great, honest people.  Easy to work with and talk to.  Highly recommended for anyone that needs to get rid of their car!

David Oh
avatarIf you're planning to purchase a new or used car - or a fleet vehicle for your business - you owe it to yourself to talk to Mike Rhee first. As an independent car dealer he can get you the vehicle you want at a significant discount. It's like having a "personal shopper" for your car purchase. No haggling, no hassles, no hours spent sitting in an airless little room while the professional negotiators wear you down.

Linda C.

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