Taken from YELP.com  - I contacted Mike to sell my 2009 Chevy  Aveo. I needed to sell it because I needed a lawyer to pursue litigation against Cal State Northridge for violating my student rights.

Mike was very polite and professional throughout the process. Initially, I took my car to Carmax for a quote. Jesus, Carmax literally tried to rip me off. My car did need some minor repairs, but it definitely was worth more than they were offering ($3500).

Mike did offer initially $5000, but I did take car back home to think about the offer. I contacted him a few weeks later, and the offer shrunk a little to $4300. I don't blame him for offering me a little less than what he stated because I did leave. Also, bear in mind that he do didn't a full inspection the first time I came in, so the $5000 he offered may not have entirely accurate.

The car as mentioned did need a list of repairs, and considering CarMax's price, this was still a decent offer, not a great offer by any means, but a decent offer.  I took him up on the offer, and the deal was done.

As mentioned Mike was very polite and honest about the repairs the car needed. I didn't agree with his assessment as far as the repairs just the price.

Still he made a fair offer and considering that the car was not highly in demand (one of the reasons he gave me for the price), and needed repairs, that's the best way I can describe it is that it was a fair offer.

Mike even drove me back home. We talked about Northridge, and life. He really is a good guy that will listen to you.

Consequently, I still have enough money left to buy a used car even after hiring an attorney, so I do recommend InstantAutotrade. If you can't find anyone else to offer you a fair deal, this is the place to go to.  3/1/2013  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REVIEW ON YELP.COM

Sergio R.
avatar"Taken from YELP.com"  hands down the best service and business attitude your looking for. I needed to sell my 2008 scion and I called in and I spoke with Mike.Ask for MIKE! he was real helpful and honest from get go. I told him I was looking for decent price for my car. I posted my car on auto trader and Craig's with not much bite. I even went to get an quote from Car max which was a complete waste of time. I went to Car max in the morning and only got a bunch of attitude. I called up Mike and told him I'm taking my car to him  to see what he would offer. He offered me about 800dlls more than Car max! I highly recommend this place and ask for Mike!   3/5 /2013  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REVIEW ON YELP.COM

Josh F.
avatar"Taken from YELP.com"  I needed to sell my car without investing a lot of time. I went to CarMax to get an estimate, anticipating that Danny and Mike would be good to their word on beating the CarMax price. It was an easy process ( once I found their lot which is not marked Instand Auto Trade) and I was ultimately offered a very fair price that beat the Car Max--after getting an initial opening offer that was below Car Max.

Danny has a real sense of fairness, respect and integrity, and Mike was knowledgable, responsive, and very easy to work with. Being offered a ride to the dealership after we finished was the frosting on the cake. I would definitely go back to them again. The whole process was 2 hours, start to finish.  1/22/2013  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REVIEW ON YELP.COM

Lise L.
avatar"Taken from YELP.com"  After getting my car appraised at Carmax, I wanted to get a second opinion. I called Instant Auto Trade and was able to arrange a same-day appointment. Although there isn't much signage and parking was minimal, they were easy to work with and they beat Carmax's offer. I brought my Carmax offer, title, and registration with me, and they took care of the paperwork. They also gave me a ride back to my office. Most importantly, I got a check on the spot for my car and deposited it that night. I would work with Mike and Danny again in the future.  10/18/2012   PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE REVIEW ON YELP.COM

Alex C.
avatarYou know, I emailed a bunch of on-line "cash-4-cars" sites during the past week and you were the only one who returned my email.  The others will only respond to phone calls, many would just throw out a low number without doing any research.  I'm impressed with your responsiveness and  the fact that you could talk about the car knowledgebly when you responded to my request.  I will keep your contact info for future references. Thanks again.


Taimin T.
avatar"Taken from YELP.com"

Another satisfied customer:
It's sad to see the review that Brian posted on here, because these guys couldn't have been any friendlier.  His review also made me question whether I wanted to go there or not, and that's too bad, because in the end, I had a very pleasurable experience.  For this reason, I'll make a quick reference to his review, and then I'll leave it at that.  I only hope that people take his review for what it's worth and not be overly discouraged by it.
I too, was helped by Mike and Danny. Mike works there, and Danny is the owner.  Mike originally gave me a quote "range" over the phone for my car; however he clearly stated it depended on the condition of the car when I brought it in.  It is impossible to give a 100% accurate quote without seeing the vehicle first.  Upon arriving, he and his partners did go through my car tooth and nail.  That's their job.  They're buying my car, so they have every right.  After a thorough inspection by two guys, he said, "I have to tell you.  I can't find anything wrong with it."  They could have tried to pick it apart, but they didn't.  My car was a 2004 VW R32.  It was very clean, I knew it, and they were honest about it.  I'm sure if they have an issue with someone's car, it's for a reason.  Brian also mentioned in his review that there was nowhere to park between 4-7.  I got there during the same time, just before they closed.  I just pulled on their lot like most people do.  And regards to the "Alley" he mentioned that Mike appraised his wife's car on, it's a joke.  This is not some "back alley" behind the business or down some dark, scary street.  It is a tiny little alley that's attached to their driveway. I only wish I took a picture to show.  Ok, enough said.
With regards to my experience, after Mike and his partners looked over my car, they spoke to Danny about it and then made me an offer.  It was in the higher portion of the range he had quoted and was $1500 more than CarMax offered.  I was still hoping for a little more, so Danny offered me another $250.  He said he wanted me to leave feeling happy and not that I was taken advantage of.  I know I could have sold it a little more privately, but sometimes the convenience is worth something.
After accepting their offer, Mike started the paperwork, and Danny even walked to the corner store with my father to buy him something to drink.  The paperwork took a total of about 15 minutes and couldn't have been any easier.  After all signing was done, they handed us a check, and we were on our way.
Thank you to Mike and Danny for the service and not making us feel like we were a number.  I appreciate that, and will definitely recommend you to others.


Click here to see the full review on YELP.com

Robert D.
avatar"Taken from YELP.com"

If you want to sell your car and you don't care to deal with the hassle of marketing  it privately I highly recommend you stop in and introduce yourself to Danny or Mike.
I had a  good idea of what my vehicle was worth and Danny offered me a very fair price.
You might be able to squeeze a few more bucks out of your used car, depending on its age and condition, but this process was very smooth. Danny dealt with me in good faith and with a sense of integrity.  And I believe that's a very strong recommendation.
I talked to two other buyers but I didn't get the  feeling that they were either flexible or honest in their appraisal of my particular car.
I'm giving Instnatautotrade  five stars because the car market is rather treacherous and my impression is that these guys are fair. Sure, they need to make money on your car, but they're straightforward in their approach.


Click here to see the complete review on YELP.com


Dan C.
avatar"Taken from YELP.com"

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for my experience at BHUSC. My first contact was with Mike,right away i liked his style not pushy and patient,with excellent personality,he is the reason that i came back again. Then i met Danny,wow this guy is very special,yes he is in business,but he also has a great heart,we became very friendly and now its like I have known him all my life :), truly an outstanding experience all around,he went the extra mile to accommodate my requests and even lent a sympathetic ear to my problems,it was truly a real "god shot" experience.Its amazing to me that I am able to come across people like these,caring and fair I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend this car dealership for all your automotive needs. Danny truly practices what he preaches,he is there to make every transaction seamless and pleasant.
Thank you Danny,you really helped me out today...on all levels :)


Please click here to see the review on YELP.com

Mike B.
"Taken from YELP.com"

I purchased a 2012 Camaro and 3 months later we find out that my wife is pregnant. Needing to sell my car for something more "family friendly" I searched online and found instantautotrade. The team of Mike and Danny are genuinely sincere and truly do their best to help. I went to Carmax and they gave me their 1 week quote. Mike said he would beat their offer and sure enough they did and the whole process took about 30min!! Best of all, there is no pushy salesman games at this dealership. They just give you the best price whether you buy another car from them or not. Once we decide on a four door car or SUV we will be seeing Mike and Danny to purchase. If I could I would give them 6 stars!

July 17th, 2012

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Patrick N.
avatar"taken from YELP.com"

Easy and Breezy, this place is the best place to go to if you would like to sell your car to a dealership. They offer very fair prices and pay you on the spot. The whole experience was fast and hassle free. Mike is a honest, very down to earth nice guy, he even offered to give me a ride back after I sold my car! Thank you Mike, I'll surely contact you later when I want to buy a car :)

June 23rd, 2012

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Diane W.

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