Bring us your car

First step to trade-in your car is to determine your vehicle’s current and fair market value.

  • This is determined by a full visual inspection of the car to assess any damages or cosmetic repairs it will need
  • Various types of sales data and current market analysis is used
  • Trusted sources such as Kelly Blue Book and Manheim Auctions data is used
  • Vehicle is taken for a test drive to complete the appraisal process

Receive a real offer

  • You will receive a real offer from that you can accept right away.


Once you accept our car purchase offer, please be sure to have your

  • driver’s license
  • any service records on your vehicle
  • all sets of keys
  • owner’s manuals and accessories
  • vehicle registration
  • title (pink slip) if the car is paid off.

Get Paid for your vehicle

  • If you own your vehicle, you will receive a check right away, with proper proof of ownership
  • If you still owe money on your vehicle we will contact your lender right away to gather all details about your pay off balance.  If you owe more to the bank than what your car is valued for, just give us the difference and we will pay off the loan for you immediately.  If the car’s value is higher than what you owe, you will receive a check for the balance right away.
  • If your vehicle is a lease return, we will pay off your lease for you, helping you avoid the lease return fees and potentially saving you thousands of dollars

Get help with your next car!

  • When you are ready to purchase your next car, contact us and we can help!  We have been in this business for almost 20 years and have many resources to help you find your next car for a great price.  Our partner dealership is Beverly Hills Unique Sports Cars located in Los Angeles.  You will have access to any car brand, you can buy with any budget big or small and financing is available for any credit type!


*Free shuttle service to take you back home!*

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