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Eric the Car Guy has done it again – provided a useful and succinct tutorial video for troubleshooting a popular model. This time, it’s the electrical system of the 1994 Geo. Video format makes the tutorial simple to understand, even for the novice. See more here:

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The Fiat 500, which was already an impressive vehicle in terms of EPA ratings, received a nice increase in rank from the EPA for the 2013 model. The 2012 Customer ServiceFiat 500 fell short of the coveted 40 mpg highway rating, but thanks to some design adjustments and other changes, the 2013 model has hit the mark. Read more about the new Fiat at:

Rather than outsourcing to other nations and contributing to employment market concerns in the process, GM recently announced it will be expanding its “insourcing” efforts. The most recent step, the hiring of an additional 100 IT professionals in its Austin, Texas Information Technologies Innovation office. Read more about GM’s newest insourcing initiative at:

Thanks to Eric the Car Guy, a long-standing contributor to the internet’s DYI automobile video collection, car enthusiasts can now find all the basic auto DYI resources in one central location. After numerous requests for a basics of car parts tutorial, the Car Guy has recently released a page with multiple links. \